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Fault Detection in Mining Operations Using Artificial Intelligence

The AI-based predictive maintenance system keeps track of various metrics to provide you with a better picture of your machine’s health.

It’s safe to use in potentially dangerous situations.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp is a supplier of automated end-to-end predictive maintenance solutions that give real-time information on industrial assets’ true health and performance. Nanoprecise specialises in using Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for asset maintenance and condition monitoring.

Customers can rest easy with Nanoprecise’s wireless IoT hardware that interacts over Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The AI-based solution includes a six-in-one IIoT sensor that detects the six most critical parameters of vibration, acoustics, RPM, temperature, humidity, and magnetic flux, as well as proprietary algorithms that analyse these six streams of data in real-time. The IoT hardware is Atex and IECEx Zone 0 certified, allowing it to be utilised in hazardous settings while also increasing productivity and safety in production. Furthermore, edge analytics enables continuous monitoring without the need for continuous connection.

Nanoprecise has clients in various industries, including chemicals, cement, coal, consumer electronics, forestry, HVAC, metals, and mining. An integrated mining firm that produces zinc, lead, silver, and cadmium is one such client. The on-site maintenance crew wanted to minimise the frequent problems that result in substantial downtime for the mining operations; thus, they required a predictive maintenance solution that could identify issues early and offer a solid prognosis of the machines’ remaining useful life.

Maintenance plan with foresight

Nanoprecise Sci Corp installed wireless sensors on four acid pumps and two supercritical blowers for a predictive maintenance approach. One of the supercritical blowers used in the zinc production process is the SO2 Blower. Because the rpm of this equipment is above 5600rpm, it must operate as precisely as possible. Furthermore, all of the bearings in this apparatus are journal bearings. As a result, using offline monitoring methods to monitor and detect the issues proved difficult.

Nanoprecise’s Machine-DoctorTM LTE sensors use cellular networks to link machines to the internet. It provides wide coverage as well as a high degree of communication security. The built-in E-Sim on the Machine-DoctorTM LTE gives you the freedom to connect to the internet in over 100 countries and across 350 network service providers. These elements combined to provide for a straightforward plug-and-play deployment that didn’t need any additional IT infrastructure.

These sensors were placed in such a way that they could monitor the following in real-time:

1. Bearing for a non-driven motor

2. Bearing for the drive motor

3. Input drive and non-drive bearings in the gearbox

4. Output drive and non-drive bearings of the gearbox, as well as

5. Bearings for the drive and non-drive of the Blower.

The system was put up in a couple of hours, resulting in a network of devices that was networked. Machine-DoctorTM LTE provided enhanced connection deep into the mine, allowing for the monitoring of all aspects of the operation, resulting in increased productivity and decreased downtime. By transmitting real-time data and forecasting concerns resulting from equipment anomalies/faults, also helped to enhance the safety of the workers and operations.

These wireless sensors effectively enabled internet connection in the complex mining operation and permitted the monitoring of the health of important equipment, allowing for enhanced operational supervision.

How does it work?

Strong battery-powered wireless sensors were placed and began detecting and transmitting six data streams to the AI-based analytics platform (RotationLFTM) through an encrypted and secure network employing Edge and Cloud computing after they were deployed. Using incredibly complex algorithms, the RotationLFTM platform analysed the data it received.

Manufacturing operations benefit from increased productivity and safety.

After three months after sensor installation, the vibration amplitude in the blower drive side and non-drive side bearings abruptly increased. An issue was discovered owing to a blower imbalance and a mismatch between the Blower and the gearbox. The degree of imbalance was greater than the degree of misalignment. The RotationLFTM platform sensed and recognised the irregularity in the pattern and sent the text and email notifications to the maintenance crew.

The Prediction of Remaining Useful Life gave us enough time to plan our maintenance actions. Consequently, the maintenance inspection team lubricated both motor bearings right away, scheduled a short-term shutdown, and cleaned the Blower, resulting in less imbalance and its impact on the gearbox. The sophisticated AI’s ability to distinguish between process upset and genuine problems provided the client considerable cost and safety savings, propelling them toward more sustainable operating methods.

The AI-based predictive maintenance system tracks various metrics to give a better picture of the machine’s health and, as a result, more transparency in the manufacturing process as a whole. Nanoprecise delivers reliable prognostic and diagnostic solutions that anticipate the remaining usable life of any asset at any point in its life cycle, providing customers with the correct data across various sectors.

With large volumes of data being sensed and analysed, sophisticated AI continues to generate predictions and suggestions to both Shop Floor and Top Floor stakeholders, paving the path for their total mining operations to be digitally transformed.

Nanoprecise is an AI-based predictive maintenance system that allows for early identification of even minor changes in machine operations before they influence output or create downtime. It aims to achieve productive outcomes by providing extremely useful insights into the equipment and machinery via a combination of AI + IoT + LTE-driven seamless monitoring and the use of cutting-edge, scalable technology. It provides real-time forecasting of the true health and performance of industrial assets. Nanoprecise is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with offices in Bangalore, India, San Diego, California, and Gateshead, United Kingdom.

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