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Home Automation with Latest Technology

Now the Home Automation is going to be a trend somewhere in the life of our homes, as time goes past more upgraded technology with more features, user friendly devices and protocols coming in to the market.

So far a few of complete home automation with latest technology in the market are in place on which you can trust, rely and can be integrate in the future upcoming technologies very easily to a some extent.

First the question is what you want related to home automation? Either you want a full home automation system or just want to install for a limited task for a limited place,

The whole home automation technology will be based upon house owner requirement, before coming to this, first let’s go through the home automation with latest technologies available in the market.

Curranty there are number of smart home technologies available in the market.

Wired technology

All smart devices required to be fit and connect via from wire, some systems offers old built in wires to connect with it but some want new wires in order to work perfectly.

Initially X10 is the mother of all systems when no one was in the market, however this technology supports only to a limited products and devices with so many issues such as connectivity, distance limitation, power line issues therefore X10 didn’t gain much popularity.

Then UPS (universal power line bus) protocol launched in to the market which instantly impressed with the adaptation of all systems and devices, compatible to INSTEON, Z-WAVE and Zig Bee products with no problem at all.

Wireless Technology

Three types of wireless technology available in the market related to smart home automation


All install devices must have to a Wi-Fi connectivity with compatibility as well in order to work, a system as called hub control all devices from them via your router connection.

Some of a devices are from Z-WAVE and Zig-bee which designed to bridge the gap between other protocols.

It enables you to control all your install systems such as lights from your phone or tab with the help of APP, you can also control these system via from voice such as Alexa and Google if supported.


Another technology is the Bluetooth where you can control your device such as light without needing a wire,, however this one is the most preferred one tech for most of the users.


A new player into the market offering wireless technology, it can allow you to connect more than 250 devices at once from this protocol technology, so far only the battery powered devices and systems are operating via thread.

Thread protocol uses radio chips to form a secure low-power network.

System Technology

Some systems or called Hub/Brain/interface only compatible with limited devices and software where you can maneuver with it, and some systems do have multiple compatibility with an option of more maneuverability.

Device Technology

Systems required devices in order to connect and perform function, devices of Lutron, Zig-bee, Philips, Samsung, Z-Wave, voice control devices such as Google assistant, Alexa, Ecobee4 and many more available in the market.

After selecting technology the next question is where you want to install it. To understand this, you need to go through the technology and their systems.

Each component technology has a separate system for separate sections of the house.

  • Door, Gates, Locker Room
  • Security system
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Alarm system
  • Home theatre or media center
  • Video cameras
  • Lighting control

Getting started with home automation for a single room initially then a proposed plan with estimated budget available

All these have a separate system or a full complete automation system, currently the best systems you can choose in today’s times are!


Place at no 1 due to too high users rating, more high tech than most of the other systems, reliable, durable and most important you could select either one system or for a whole house system, based on wire and without wired technology, very robust and compatible and support to almost more than 100 plus device in the market.

Control 4

This is another system which can be say the best in the smart home automation technologies, you can choose any system similarly as Crestron offers along with up to date technology and supported devices with control 4.


Lutron offers single to whole house system, high quality with highly reliable systems of Lutron, Lutron consider to be the fastest selling product in Europe and UK, therefore not mentioning of this would be unjustified.

More than compatible and supported to many product but less than Crestron and control 4, you need to stick with particular products in case of Lutron devices and system.


USA manufacturer, specialized and dealing in smart home systems, top of the notch technology offered by savant.

Don’t manufacturer the whole systems from light to cameras, they manufacturer systems or called hub which can be connect and integrate to all supported devices in order to perform functions.

Other worthwhile systems to be in the list are:

Where you can buy these systems?

Some system such as Crestron and control 4 distribute, install and after support services themselves, but not all system dealing themselves they distributed through certified dealership or called companies to their respective territory.

To find out the best companies in the UK here is the article the home automation companies near me..

Is it available at online?

Yes. But you need a specialist skill person such as certified electrician to set up and run it.



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