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Top 10 Cheapest Smart Home Systems

If someone interested to buy a smart system for home, Let me clear with you, these are not cheap as what you expected from the market, however the cheapest among them with high quality product will be in this list.

Although the lowest cheaper ones available in the market but they are not reliable and a wastage of money and time.

In addition system and devices are two different thing, device required hub as called system in order to perform function, without system, device is failed to perform function vice versa in case of having a system except in certain circumstances as explained in below paragraph.

However if you don’t want a system but device with limited options such as (smart Plugs, switches and etc.) then a number of products available in the market which will be discussed in the other article.

Here is only the top 10 cheapest smart home systems will be in detail.

Lutron Starter kit

Lutron offers many systems from single to whole house smart home systems, it also categories in to what system you want at your room.

Either you want to save energy by auto turning lights off/on, or want elegance ambience lighting, wire or without wire system for a room or single room, so much for the customer to choose and select.

Lutron partners with many products and brands, so no problem with other devices integration in case you desire other systems in future from other brand to connect at one channel such as security system.

Find out A single with two or multiple room project  

Starting cost: $99 US


Everyone want to secure their home from fire and intruders, to prevent from them nest is the first choice to choose, offers high quality products on which you can rely upon them for a longer period of time.

Nest isn’t the cheapest, but no compromise against these threat therefore always choose the best when the matters related to safety and security.

Starting cost: $250 to $1200 US

WINK HUB Version 2

Winks is a smart hub available online at amazon, the main purpose of this hub is to connect your all IOT devices or called smart devices such as lighting, smart switches and so on to connect and you can control them via remotely from one channel via your phone by APP.

Wink 2 compatible to all Zig-bee, Z-wave devices and other devices, so you can install pretty good but not perfect a small smart system at your home.

Estimated cost: $99 US

Fibaro Home Centre Lite

Fibaro is one of a few dedicated companies related to smart automations, their home center lite hub could be the best in the smart automations, Home center lite offers third party devices to connect using intuitive interface.

It is more expensive than other devices but certainly the best in their field.

Starting cost: $280 US

Ecobee4 Smart Bundle

Best system for controlling air temperature and room sensors in your house, if you want the best within the limited budget, then ecobee4 could be one of the systems that can offers the best in their class.

You can control via from your phone by app, it also integrate with Amazon Alexa (built in) and google Assistant in case you want to control via from voice.

It also support Z-wave and Zig-bee protocols for future integration of other devices.

Starting cost: $249 US

Philips Hue Starter Kit

Smart lighting system offered by Philips in their starter kit with number of bulbs with white and color and the HUB on which you can manage up to 50 Bulbs from them you can also operate via from app.

Philips hue doesn’t require wire, they operate via from Wi-fi, So you can install it where ever you want to.

Philips also offers to operate these bulbs from voice via from Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft.

Starting cost: $179 US

HomeSeer HomeTroller Zee S2 Home Automation Controller

Zee S2 controller can control your lights, switches, TV and thermostat control, it’s a web based technology controller which can be control from home computer by a dedicated software or from dedicated app.

Partner with almost all protocols devices available at this time, so no issues will be arises while pairing with S2.

Starting Price: $199 US

August Smart Lock 3rd gen

Obviously you can understand from the name of that devices, among the best but the cheapest in the market, you can control via from your phone by app, it can allows to connect to other devices such as Zig-bee and apple home kit.

Starting Price: $217 US

Samsung Smart thing hub

So far Samsung feedback from the users are quite impressive, not very much issues related to compatibility and functions came in to light, therefore this could for the those who can’t afford fibaro, Lutron systems, cheap but compatible to almost very much high popular devices such as Philips, Z-wave, zig-bee and many more with this device.

Starting Price: $249 US

DIY Lighting Projects

To start DIY projects you should have some little knowledge of electrical dynamics before starting a project.

However a detail guidelines with how to setup and install Raspberry projects available in detail for starters.

Very cheap and good for starters to enjoy the latest hi-tech within their budget.

Estimated cost: $40 to $100


All these smart home automation systems required devices (gadgets) to perform stated task, in addition all these system as stated above are compatible with almost all protocols devices available in the market.


  • Insteon
  • WI-FI
  • Z-wave
  • Zig-bee

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