Choose the Best Vizio Remote App for Your Smart TV

The fast growth of technology has made it more simple than ever to use our smart devices. The days of struggling for remote controls are over; today’s smartphones are sufficiently powerful for use as successful substitutes. Vizio Smart TV customers have access to an extensive range of third-party remote apps. This post will help you choose the best Vizio remote app by contrasting and comparing various popular choices.

Choose the Best Vizio Remote App for Your Smart TV

SmartCast Mobile™

Owners of Vizio Smart TVs are going to benefit hugely from the SmartCast MobileTM app. Using this app, the mobile device you’re using can handle all the functions of a traditional remote control. You can use it not only to surf the channels and menus, but also to log into streaming platforms including Netflix and Hulu. Accessing SmartCast MobileTM with your Vizio Smart TV is much simpler thanks to the addition of voice control.

AnyMote Universal Remote

AnyMote Universal Remote is an outstanding choice if you’re in the market for a remote software that can handle many devices, include your Vizio Smart TV. Over one billion smart TVs, set-top boxes, streaming gadgets, and even appliances for the kitchen are supported by this software. The AnyMote Universal Remote is a simple to operate universal remote control that can be customized to fulfill your particular requirements.

CetusPlay Remote

You can also control your smart TV with the help of the popular app CetusPlay Remote, which is suitable with your Vizio remote. CetusPlay gives a touchpad mode in in addition to the standard remote controls, letting you navigate the TV with takes and taps on your mobile device’s screen. Screen mirroring is also supported, helping you to rapidly cast what’s on your mobile device to your Vizio Smart TV. When paired with the CetusPlay Remote, your mobile device may act as a TV gamepad.

Sure Universal Remote

Sure Among the numerous gadgets that may be operated by the Universal Remote app is a Vizio Smart TV. It has infrared and wireless networking abilities, allowing you to effortlessly control your home’s numerous electronic devices. One important feature of this software is called “Smart Time Clock,” and it helps you to schedule activities to be carried out on your connected devices at specified periods.

VizControl – TV Remote Control

VizControl is a simple program for controlling your Vizio TV that prioritizes ease of use. Channel browsing, volume control, and menu browsing are all possible with the supplied remote control. The virtual keyboard available via VizControl makes it much easier to write in text or perform a search on your Vizio Smart TV. This program is perfect for people who do not require a ton of bells and whistles while utilising a remote control.


The manner in which we connect with our electronic devices also grows and becomes better with time. Vizio remote apps allows you to manage your Vizio Smart TV with out the need for an actual remote, making it more easily transported and easy to use. Each app has its own set of features that enhance your smart TV experience; whether you choose with Vizio’s official SmartCast MobileTM app or one of the various third-party solutions including AnyMote Universal Remote, CetusPlay Remote, Sure Universal Remote, and VizControl.

The most suitable Vizio remote app for your smart TV will take into account your own tastes, the devices you presently own, any additional abilities that you want (such as voice control or screen mirroring), and just how simple it is to use. You may make the most out of your smart TV and relax in luxury while watching your favorite shows with the correct app.


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